(+30 photos) How to make a box from a box with your own hands

Nowadays it is difficult to surprise someone with a gift. But you want to make an exclusive gift? A lesson can come to the rescue, thanks to which you can learn how to make strawberries from candies with your own hands. It will help not only to create a fragrant berry, but also in the future, having mastered the techniques and shown imagination, it will allow you to use them in the production of other unique compositions that can lift the spirits of close relatives and friends.

The process of creating such a strawberry is quite simple, although it requires some knowledge.

Which form should I choose?

First of all, you need to decide on the shape of the future casket. Here you can put various nuances at the forefront: your own taste, the type of things to store, available materials.

The box can have the following forms:

  • rectangle - can be made from a shoe box;
  • heart-shaped - you will have to purchase it specially, although if you have saved a candy or gift box of this shape, it will do;
  • circle - a candy or flower box will do;
  • square - a phone box will come in handy here.

Decorating a box of chocolates for a teacher

Chocolates or bouquets of flowers are given to a favorite school teacher, and a beautifully decorated box of chocolates will help replace them. To make this craft you will need a sheet of black and wrapping paper (you can use craft paper), a pen with white ink, PVA glue and a box of candies.

The box is packed in wrapping paper, carefully gluing the joints, and black paper is glued to the top side, on which you can write traditional inscriptions for the board and line it.

Shoebox Craft

One of the simplest (but no less attractive) are the original boxes made from shoe boxes. You can easily make them with your own hands and give them absolutely any appearance.

Tools and materials

If you like this master class, then to implement it you will need:

  • shoe box with lid;
  • scissors and glue composition;
  • high density cardboard;
  • fabric or paper for decorating the finished product.

It is recommended to place all the necessary components in the immediate area where creative work will take place. You should immediately put aside everything that will interfere and distract the master from making a creative box.

Step by step diagram

  1. If all of the above items for needlework have been prepared, you can proceed to modeling a beautiful box from a shoe box.
  2. The base in the form of a shoe box is already there, so all that remains is to effectively design and decorate it.
  3. Shoe boxes, as a rule, are quite large in size, so there will be room to roam around and get creative. The inside of the future box can be decorated with soft woven material. Fleece would be an excellent solution.
  4. The outer part of the box can be covered with sheets of colored paper, or you can resort to a very original design with decoupage.
  5. The design of a homemade shoe box can be made even more impressive and rich if you use decorations in the form of shining rhinestones, sequins or sparkles. There are incredibly many options on how to make such a box original and attractive.
  6. The next step is to design the inside of the box. This part of the structure can be divided into several separate sections/compartments. For separation, use strips cut from high-density cardboard. Next, these cardboard parts can be covered with colored paper to give the inside of the box a more attractive look.
  7. A product equipped with such separate sections is very convenient to use for storing a variety of creative items, sewing items, cosmetics or decorations.
  8. By designing a shoe box, the craftsman can let his imagination run wild. The external design of such a homemade product can be absolutely anything! The product can be made monochromatic, or you can give it a brighter multi-colored look - there are no restrictions in style and design.

Christmas sleigh made from chocolates

When making crafts from candies with your own hands for a certain holiday, you should pay attention to the design of the candy wrappers. For such a craft, you will need two candies in the shape of a Christmas hook (sleigh runners), chocolates (the base for the sleigh) and 5-6 candies to imitate gifts.

The entire structure is assembled very quickly; to give it strength, you can glue the candies together using a small amount of glue, and additionally pack the craft in cellophane.

How to make a box from a milk carton?

This method is suitable for those who are just starting to master the design of boxes; it is very simple.

You will need:

  • milk carton (you can use a juice carton);
  • fabric, paper - the choice depends on capabilities or desires;
  • decorative elements;
  • scotch;
  • scissors and glue.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. cut the box to form a lid;
  2. step back 3 cm from the edge that is smaller;
  3. glue the edges with adhesive tape or thin cloth;
  4. the base is ready, can be decorated with paper or fabric;
  5. the outside and inside of the box is glued with the selected material;
  6. To secure the lid, a braid or ribbon is glued to its edges so that a bow can be formed.

How to make crafts and bouquets of flowers and what is needed for this

Before you start creating this original craft, you should take several steps:

  • To begin with, you need to decide what flowers will make up your bouquet , because there can be many options. The bouquet can be composed of roses, snowdrops, tulips, crocuses - here everything depends only on the skill and originality of the person performing the fake. It is also important what flowers are preferred by the person for whom the bouquet is intended.
  • Decoration is also an important detail in the future bouquet. For example, it could be a small basket filled with flowers, or a flower box. In this case, everything definitely depends on your imagination.
  • Selection of sweets , which will be the basis of the craft. It is important to choose the recipient’s favorite candies so that the gift will definitely suit his taste. It should be remembered that for different types of flowers it is necessary to choose different candies. For example, small-sized candies are suitable for snowdrops, round-shaped candies are suitable for gerberas, but thin and oblong candies will be just right for calla lilies.
  • Choosing decorative crafts . Most often, crafts or bouquets are decorated with satin ribbons of various colors, small ladybugs and butterflies.
  • Prepare tools for making crafts . Each craft uses different tools. But they have the same base - corrugated paper, candy, scissors, glue, tape, and a frame to hold the bouquet.

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Crafts from candy containers

No less original and attractive will be a box modeled from an old cardboard box left over from sweets. Such containers can have a variety of shapes. There are square, round, oval, multifaceted and many other interesting variations of such boxes. From each copy you can make a chic box.

To make an attractive box from the above box, you will need:

  • the box itself;
  • multi-colored paper;
  • plain paper;
  • glue;
  • acrylic paint;
  • scissors.

Let's consider step by step how you can model an elegant box using these components.

  1. First you need to prepare a candy box. It must be clean, without candy wrappers and chocolate chips.
  2. The cleaned container will need to be very carefully covered with paper around the entire perimeter. The entire base should be completely designed in this way. At the same time, it is very important to leave a small supply of paper “finishing” at the edges.
  3. In order to decorate the lid and bottom of such a box as neatly and aesthetically as possible, you will first need to glue the side areas. The corners must be carefully trimmed, and then also carefully bent inward. At all stages, paper must be taken with a small margin.
  4. Using sheets of plain paper you will need to decorate the inner cavity of the future attractive box.
  5. When the interior design is completed, the box must be put aside and not touched until it is completely dry.

“Candy” boxes make especially attractive and elegant boxes. Almost any type of container in question is suitable for carrying out such manufacturing work.

Very beautiful boxes are made from Raffaello candy boxes. After that, you can store a variety of things in them, for example, jewelry and hairpins for girls.

“Bride’s bouquet” - an exquisite shining option

If you have chosen this bouquet, then Ferrero Rocher chocolates are ideal for bringing the project to life, as their packaging looks expensive. A tasty composition can be partially composed of more budget Raffaello.

You will need wooden skewers, corrugated paper or a piece of foil, two-millimeter wire, gold ribbons, tape and pieces of organza.

Wrap the candy in a large sheet of foil so that when twisted you can get a stem. At the same time, we leave the top of the candy open so that the packaging can be seen. Next, wrap the bud in transparent organza and secure the fabric at the base with a small narrow ribbon. Using organza, you can achieve the effect of airiness and magical beauty: it sparkles and shimmers in the sunlight.

Preventative treatment of the edges of the fabric will prevent them from fraying. The lighters that our mothers used when they tied bows for us on the first of September are still suitable now.

Insert skewers into the buds from below. All that remains is to collect the individual flowers into a delightful bouquet and firmly connect the stems together with tape.

For complete resemblance, wrap it in corrugated paper and bend the top edge nicely. All that remains is to intercept the bouquet, which is in paper, with some beautiful ribbon of your choice.

At any wedding you will impress any bride and her guests with such a bouquet. He will not only be beautiful, but also one of a kind at this holiday of loving hearts.

If you know the basics of composition, the process of creating bouquets of sweets will not cost you titanic labor. You can develop a bunch of options yourself. If you get skilled, you can make a huge bouquet of 20-30 flowers. You don’t have to take other people’s hackneyed ideas, but come up with something of your own. For example, wrap candies that are completely different in taste and appearance in each bud.

This will be a real surprise bouquet, which will be interesting to unwrap not only for those with a sweet tooth, but also for lovers of completely different dishes. The girl who receives such a candy bouquet will be incredibly happy, and the ardor of a caring gentleman will not remain unrequited.

Jewelry box

This elegant thing can be made by anyone; any cardboard box, for example, from a cell phone, is suitable for making.

This is a very easy and inexpensive option.

You will need:

  • cardboard base;
  • fabric, paper - for decoration;
  • scissors, ruler, glue;
  • thick cardboard;
  • decorative elements.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. first of all, select the material (paper or fabric) and decorate the box with it using glue;
  2. you can combine both materials, for example, fabric on the inside, paper on the outside and vice versa;
  3. three strips of cardboard are formed, their length is measured so that 2 strips are 1 cm longer than the base, and one is also 2 cm wider - sections are made from them;
  4. the strips are glued inside at the same distance from each other;
  5. on the strip dividing the width, cuts are formed into which strips for dividing are inserted;
  6. after this, the sections are decorated with fabric or paper;
  7. The outside of the box is covered with material and decorated as desired.

Bouquet “Tulips” - a more complex option

A very delicate-looking bouquet will turn out if you put in more effort and skill. In this case, you need different colors of chintz: white, pink, or different shades of red.

Tulips come in completely different shades, so you can use fabrics of absolutely any color. What is important here is the approach to wrapping the candy in fabric so that you end up with buds of the desired shape.

It will be easier to make a bouquet not from chintz, but from denser fabric. It does not wrinkle or form creases like satin or linen, because the bud should have a beautiful appearance and not lose its shape. You also need green felt, wooden skewers, 0.2 cm thick wire and decorative green ribbons, one side of which is treated with glue. You need special sweets - in the shape of a pyramid, or rectangular, for example, you can use truffles.

  1. First, take the fabric and cut out ten centimeter squares.
  2. We connect two candies with their bases, fold them into the center of a square of fabric so that the sharp end of 1 of the candies is vertical.
  3. Next, use a piece of paper to wrap the candies overlapping on 4 sides. Then you will get the appearance of a bud beginning to bloom.
  4. Place a skewer and a piece of wire under the fabric.
  5. To keep everything tight, wrap it with adhesive tape.
  6. Let's make leaves out of felt and attach them to a skewer with wire.
  7. All that remains is to combine the flowers into a beautiful bouquet and wrap them in corrugated paper.

Paper decor

The design of the boxes can be extremely varied. We offer you a very simple and interesting option. This way you can design any product.

Decoration algorithm:

  1. tubes are formed from A-format paper;
  2. twisted tubes are glued to the box around the perimeter, maintaining a distance of 3 to 4 cm;
  3. the decor is glued in a vertical direction;
  4. the tubes are glued, bending towards the base;
  5. the places inside where the paper guides are glued are hidden with thick cardboard;
  6. The lid and sides of the box are decorated in a similar way.

Edible gift idea with beer for a man

Give a similar gift to a man who loves beer and he will be as happy as a little child.

How to make an edible beer gift for a man

1. Decide on the size of the foam and cut it to the desired size. The size of the foam depends on the volume of products used for the bouquet.

2. To keep the beer bottle stable on the foam, attach 5 skewers to it using tape.

3. After installing the bottle, start assembling the dry fish. Insert a skewer and insert it diagonally into the side of the fish. And only then into the plane of the foam.

When assembling the bouquet, adjust the length of the skewer. That is, cut to the desired length to create the desired bouquet shape.

4. Attach smoked cheese to skewers in the form of a braid. Stick it into the foam, as in the photo below.

5. Continue assembling the bouquet by placing raw smoked mini sausages on skewers. Stick narrow and round mini-sausages on skewers into the foam next to other products.

6. It remains to complement the gift with round cheese on skewers.

7. Wrap the products with floral paper as in the photo above. Decorate the bottom of the bouquet with a light ribbon bow. To give the bouquet a New Year's mood, decorate with sprigs of pine needles or paper snowflakes.

Round box

The dense part of a roll of tape is used as the basis for a round casket. It may be different in diameter, but in any case it can be beautifully decorated and decorated.

To begin, take thick cardboard and draw 3 circles on it along the outer edge of the roll of tape and 2 along the outer edge. Those that turn out to be smaller in diameter are glued together. This creates the bottom of the box.

The box is a wonderful thing in which you can store various little things.

Those circles that are larger in diameter are also glued together. Cut a strip 4-5 cm wide and a length equal to the diameter of the large circle. This strip along the inner edge is glued to the circle, having first made a small cut along the perimeter. The lid is ready.

Important! This is necessary to ensure that the strip does not deform during the gluing process.

The finished layout is decorated to your liking. This version of a do-it-yourself box for a girl will be a wonderful present.

Not only is it functional, but it also brings a certain charm to the design of your room.

Harmful and healthy sweets for pets

The pet owner must know which sweets are strictly prohibited for his pet. But at the same time, keep in mind how you can pamper your pet and what sweet, tasty treats you can treat him to.

Harmful sweets

In addition to sugar itself, there is a whole list of various treats that should never be given to a dog. The list of prohibited products includes the following:

  • chocolate, chocolate candies, etc. (as mentioned earlier, it contains a substance harmful to four-legged pets - theobromine. Find out in detail whether dogs can have chocolate.);
  • xylitol (it was also discussed earlier: it is a sweetener that is found in almost all confectionery products);
  • raisins and fresh grapes (for predators this fruit is toxic and, among other things, gives rise to a fermentation process in the intestinal tract);
  • sweet acorn (it contains the toxic substance gallotannin, which is used in pharmaceuticals);
  • citrus fruits (usually four-legged pets themselves refuse this product, but there are also exceptions; it is important to keep in mind that fruits belonging to this category cause a severe allergic reaction in dogs);
  • persimmons, cherries, sweet cherries and other fruits with large seeds inside (once in the small intestine, these seeds provoke obstruction and internal inflammation);
  • avocado (this exotic fruit contains persin, a substance that has a toxic effect on the body of domestic animals, including dogs; in the latter it causes stomach upset).

Healthy sweets for dogs

So is it still possible to give sweets to dogs? Despite the fact that products containing sugar are harmful to four-legged pets, some of them are still allowed for consumption. What vegetables and fruits can be given to dogs and what are their benefits? This list includes the following products:

  • vegetables, in particular, such as: carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, rutabaga, parsnips, beets (keep in mind that the latter has a laxative effect);
  • bananas, this fruit is very good for health because it contains vitamins B and C, as well as potassium (consuming bananas in large quantities can cause constipation);
  • apples contain useful elements, and due to their hardness and fibrous structure, they have a beneficial effect on the condition of teeth (before treating your dog with an apple, do not forget to remove the seeds from the fruit, cutting out the middle - the fact is that the core of apples contains cyanide in small doses, however, this may be enough to harm the animal);
  • watermelons, melons, dogs really like melons, but it is better to give them in small portions and infrequently, because watermelon puts a lot of strain on the excretory system, including the kidneys, and melon is difficult to digest;
  • honey - this product is rich in nutrients and vitamins; You can treat your dog with a treat, provided that the product does not cause allergies in the animal;
  • nuts (pine, almonds), sesame, sunflower seeds, sprouted wheat seeds (oats); the latter is a rather sweet product and contains many useful elements; and yet you should not abuse such food, since sprouted grains can cause diarrhea in a dog; Also, do not forget that it is strictly forbidden to feed your pet a sweet acorn (despite the fact that it is a nut, it, as you remember, contains a dangerous substance - gallotannin).

Thus, we found out that dogs are prohibited from eating sweets, for what reason owners should limit their pets’ treats, and also what sweet foods are still allowed to be consumed. It is very important that owners monitor their pets’ diet as closely as possible and in no case allow sugar-containing products in it, and also control the amount of sweets, which are allowed to be consumed occasionally and in small portions.

Box made from scotch tape

What can you make a jewelry box from? From completely different items that have the right texture and size! For example, from the remaining base from adhesive tape. The manufacturing process is very simple!

To work you will need:

  • bobbin as a base;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • Materials for decoration to choose from (fabric, felt, colored paper, napkins).

Instructions for making boxes:

  1. First of all, you need to draw two round parts on thick cardboard that match the size of the base. We outline one of them with an additional outer circle, 2 cm larger in diameter. This is the bottom of the future box. We cut out both blanks.
  2. We make cuts along a larger circle, without going beyond the line of the inner circle. This is necessary in order to bend the edges and glue the bottom to the base.
  3. We fix the lid with a thick strip of cardboard and tape.
  4. Next we move on to decoration. You can decorate with colored paper, fabric, felt, decoupage. There are many options! The result is a charming round box that you would not be ashamed to present as a gift to your mother, sister or friend.

Not just candy

Completely unusual compositions can be created if, in addition to sweets, you use fruits or berries. Strawberries or citrus fruits are often used. It is desirable that the berries are the same in size and not overripe.

Recently, it has become popular to give fruit bouquets. This is a wonderful edible gift for those who take care of their figure.

Fruits must be strengthened on skewers; fruits that are too soft will have to be additionally fixed using a cardboard base. A very original technique is when the berries are first dipped in melted chocolate, covering them halfway. You can add multi-colored confectionery sprinkles. Bouquets of fruits and sweets are collected in circles, from the center.

If the composition is formed in a basket, this rule deviates. Candy “flowers” ​​are picturesquely distributed among the fruits. A basket like this is just perfect for a romantic evening.

New life for an old book

Another interesting way is to create a box from a book or an old diary. Such a thing is suitable not only for decorations. You will become the owner of a secret cache to store your deepest secrets.

For the manufacturing process you will need the following:

  • A book or thick diary;
  • Stationery knife and glue;
  • Pencil;
  • Materials for decoration (fabric, napkins for decoupage, colored paper - optional).

Let's look at the main features and stages of work!

  1. The cover of the book will act as the lid and bottom.
  2. The pages need to be cut out, leaving indentations from the edges.
  3. First, on the first page we draw the shape of the future box. It can be round or rectangular.
  4. Then, using a stationery knife, we cut through all the pages at once so that the cut line is even.
  5. We remove the pages; they will no longer be useful.
  6. Next, glue all the sheets together to form the walls.
  7. The final stage is decorating the box. Here everything depends on your desire. You can leave the appearance unchanged so that no one will guess about the new hiding place on the shelf. You can decorate the box using decoupage, paints, colored paper or fabric.

Materials for creating a bouquet

Since this is a bouquet, although not a floral one, floral paper is needed. It can be bought at a flower shop or ordered online; there is a wide range of paper available for sale by type and design.

Some bouquets use corrugated kraft paper for decoration. If desired, the candy bouquet can be placed in a cup or basket.

It is also worth preparing wooden skewers; they are convenient for stringing or gluing sweets on. You will need transparent film, various ribbons, and twine.

All these materials are necessary to create a sweet gift in the form of a bouquet. Besides all this, the main and main material is candy.

Dresser made from boxes

From the most ordinary matchboxes you can make an original mini chest of drawers for various small things. Small boxes will turn into charming boxes, their number may vary.

The most important thing is to glue the parts together several at a time and prepare a cardboard frame. Next, the boxes are glued to the main part so that the drawers can slide out.

Beautiful and bright wreath for the holiday

After the holidays, families with children are left with a lot of candy wrappers from eaten sweets, and they are always brightly and beautifully decorated. If you don’t throw them away, but collect them, you can make interesting crafts from candy wrappers, for example, a beautiful and unusual wreath with bright colors.

For this, all the wrappers are divided by color, balls of paper are inserted into them, and then the finished elements are glued to the base according to a well-thought-out color and shade scheme.

Casket of greeting cards

From the most ordinary postcards, using thread and a hook, you can make a wonderful casket!

  1. To do this, you need to prepare and cut out all the parts for a rectangular box: the bottom, the lid and four side parts.
  2. The density of the blanks must be strengthened by duplicating them with several layers of cardboard.
  3. At the same time, all parts must have postcards on the front and inside sides.
  4. The subjects of the pictures are selected at will.
  5. The layers can be lightly fixed with glue to each other.
  6. Next, using a hole punch or an awl, carefully make holes along the edges of all rectangles at an equal distance from each other.
  7. Using a hook and thread we connect the fragments together.
  8. We tie the lid of the box on all sides and attach it to the base in two places.

New Year's bouquet of sweets in a mug

A New Year's mug with candies is made quickly and belongs to mini-bouquets.

Required Products:

  • Mug
  • Decorative branch
  • Polystyrene foam (or gray floral sponge)
  • Chocolates Chocobons from Kinder - 9 pcs.
  • Chocolate Kinder - 3 pcs.
  • Decorative clothespins
  • Glossy berries

Master class of New Year's bouquet in a mug ⠀⠀

1. Place the floral sponge in a plastic bag. Then wrap it in soft paper, the ends of which are sealed to seal tightly.

2. Hot glue the end of the candy wrapper onto wooden skewers. Glue the skewers to the decorative branches of pine needles and cones.

3. Place the wrapped sponge on the bottom of a large, thick mug. The bottom of the mug must be stable so that the gift does not fall from the weight.

4. Decorate the first row of the bouquet from branches of pine needles and cones. Then stick candy into the gaps.

5. New Year's balls will perfectly decorate a bouquet for the New Year. To do this, glue the skewers to the balls and stick them into the sponge.

6. Attach the chocolates to the skewers using narrow tape. Stick the secured chocolates into the empty spaces of the bouquet.

It is convenient to stick the skewers into the sponge after spreading it with hot glue.

7. Stick glossy red berries into the gaps of the bouquet. To decorate the handle of the mug, attach a blue bow from a satin ribbon.

8. Give the decorated gift for its intended purpose.

Box in the shape of a doll sofa

Instructions for making a box in the form of a doll sofa:

  1. cut out the parts in the form of a parallelepiped approximately 7 by 15 cm;
  2. make an identical element 2-2.5 cm high;
  3. in a larger box, leave an open hole at the top, fill it with filler and compact it well;
  4. assembly: place the smaller closed element on the end (this will be the back), and need to be glued from the back to the soft seat;
  5. form upholstery with beautiful fabric. Completely cover doll furniture and measure to make a cover;
  6. cut a piece of fabric and sew it, the seam should be at the bottom;
  7. For better fastening at the bottom of the cardboard, you can make small holes through which you can pass ties or staple the fabric.

Chocolate gift "Roses"

Here you also need candies made in the shape of pyramids. You will also need a basket, corrugated paper (green and pink), artificial rose leaves, adhesive tape, two millimeter wire, glue and rubber bands for money, preferably white ones.

The principle is similar:

Cut out a pink rectangle from paper, fold it in half, and round 1 of the corners. It turns out to be an envelope in which the candy is placed.

At the base of the envelope, wrap a rubber band around the edge of the bud, so the flat side of the candy will be the top of the bud (where the corner is rounded).

Place a wire of the required size (about 15 cm) under the paper, and strengthen the base of the resulting bud with adhesive tape.

We stretch the middle of the petal; this paper lends itself well and does not tear. Place the finished petals on glue on the base of the fabric bud.

Green papers are useful for making leaves. We cut out sharp small leaves and glue them in the place where the bud and stem connect. We take the adhesive tape and wrap it around the base of the bud several times, slowly going down to the very end of the wire stem.

By stretching the paper, try to make the petals of different shapes so that it seems as if a living flower has just begun to bloom.

For a basket of chocolate roses you will need to make about 35 flowers. The gift will look more festive if you wrap a satin ribbon around the handle of the basket and make a bow from a small satin ribbon. The bow on the handle can be lightly sprayed with perfume, and a little rose oil can be dropped on the petals.

Don't overdo it! This is an imitation of a real bouquet, and it shouldn’t smell like perfume a kilometer away.

Other ideas

Of course, the methods of modeling creative boxes do not end at the master classes listed above. A lot of attractive and functional products can be made from matchboxes, from tea leaves, and also from leftover cigar boxes. It is the latter basis that we will talk about below.

If you plan to make an elegant box from a cigar box, then you will need to prepare not only the box itself, but also other components, namely:

  • fabric (corduroy or velvet work best);
  • foam rubber with a thickness of 1.25 cm;
  • thin cardboard sheets;
  • stationery knife with sharp blades;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • hot glue gun.

Let's take a look at step-by-step instructions on how to create an impressive cigar box yourself.

  1. You will need to cut out a rectangular piece from thin cardboard, which will be 3 mm smaller than the bottom of the base box. Use a pencil to mark where the foam pad will end. At this point the cardboard needs to be cut.
  2. Next, take a cardboard base for a soft pad. It is lined.
  3. Then take a piece of foam rubber, the width of which corresponds to the size of the cardboard part, but the length should be twice as long. The piece should also be lined into strips 5 cm wide. Next, you need to cut the part along these lines.
  4. At the next stage you will need to take the adhesive composition. It will need to be applied in moderate quantities to one of the areas on the cardboard. A foam piece should be glued there, having first folded it in half lengthwise. In the same way, you will need to glue all the remaining pieces of soft material.
  5. Now you need to take a woven piece. Its width should correspond to the size of the resulting base, but the length should be much greater.
  6. One end of the woven piece will need to be carefully glued to the back of the cardboard base. The material is wrapped, and then they are engaged in pasting the foam pads. The fabric will need to be inserted into the gaps that are present between these soft parts.
  7. You will need to wrap the cardboard again with the remains of the woven piece and then glue it.
  8. At the next stage, you will need cardboard, the width of which is 1 cm greater than the height of the resulting pad. It will need to be carefully folded, making an indent of 1 cm from the edge. Make sure that the bent cardboard covers the foam parts.
  9. You will need to take a couple more woven pieces. They should be 2.5 cm larger than the cardboard base of the structure itself. Be sure to carefully cut off the existing corners. After this, the resulting blanks will need to be pasted over the cardboard bases. The finished walls of the box should be securely but carefully glued to the side bases of the pad.
  10. The sheet of cardboard that you planned to attach to the remaining section of the bottom of the box should also be carefully covered with the same fabric as all the other parts. The remaining elements are attached to the bottom of the box. The original craft is ready!

  • From several matchboxes it is possible to make a very original and creative box, which is a miniature chest of drawers with several drawers. In this design you can store a lot of small things.
  • To make a mini-chest of drawers at home, you need to securely glue several matchboxes together. You should also prepare a cardboard base frame. It is necessary to glue the boxes to it in such a way that the “drawers” ​​of the structure can move freely.
  • You can arrange matchboxes in such boxes in different ways. Here you can resort to a design approach. At the last stage, the creative homemade product will need to be effectively decorated and decorated.
  • Design using decoupage techniques, pasting with colored paper, and attaching miniature accessories in the form of beads, buttons and other similar details are suitable. The design of the finished product can be absolutely anything.

Why can't dogs have sweets?

No matter how close dogs are to humans, the physiology of four-legged animals is noticeably different from that of humans, therefore, nutrition is also different. This must be remembered whenever a pet tries to beg sweets from its owners in various ways: it looks pitifully into the eyes, climbs on hands, licks hands and face, and uses various other tricks. In this case, the owner usually thinks that nothing bad will happen just once, and hands his pet candy or cake. After a while, nothing really bad happens, and the dog gets a second helping of sweets and everything seems to be fine again. Then doubt arises: what if all the stories about the dangers of sweets are just fiction. To answer the question whether dogs can have sweets, you need to understand the subtleties of the metabolic processes of our furry friends. This issue needs to be looked into in depth.

Sugar for dogs

Sugar-containing products are an attractive treat for many animals and seem to attract them like a magnet. Most owners reward their pets with sweets, not noticing how they get used to such treats. Over time, the dog will ask for more and more treats. Imagine how much sugar a dog will receive during intense training, during which the owner can reward his pet up to 20 times or more. For example, 12 cubes of refined sugar is a large dose even for an adult man. This amount of sugar can lead to obesity.

In addition, the filtering systems in the animal's body will become overloaded, which will result in diabetes. It is important to understand that sweets are not the only way to reward your dog. There are many alternatives that can be used to encourage your pet to follow training commands.

Why shouldn't dogs be given sweets?

In fact, everything is simply explained: carbohydrate metabolism in the body of predators is much slower than that of humans. One of the most harmful sugar-containing foods is chocolate. It contains a substance such as theobromine. It has a stimulating effect on the human nervous system. That is why chocolate can lift your spirits and relieve depression. Unlike the human body, the dog’s body is not able to get rid of the substance that is harmful to it - theobromine. As a result, it accumulates in the pet's body in large quantities, causing a toxic effect on the animal's organs and tissues.

The greatest harm is caused to the nervous system - the dog becomes aggressive or, conversely, lethargic. The next blow is taken by the heart. Just 100 grams of any chocolate can seriously undermine your pet's health. The harm is that almost all sweets, even the highest quality ones, contain xylitol. The substance is a polyhydric alcohol that acts as a sweetener. There is especially a lot of it in chewing gum, so it is necessary to wean your pet from picking up leftover food from the ground. One way or another, the chemicals that are present in incredible quantities in almost any confectionery product, namely various additives, flavors, dyes, preservatives, are harmful to animals.

Why does a dog ask for sweets?

If your dog is constantly begging for sweets, then you need to pay special attention to his daily menu. There is a possibility that this behavior is not at all related to whims and taste preferences, but indicates problems with the animal’s health. The reasons may be the following:

  1. deficiency of essential vitamins and vital microelements;
  2. lack of carbohydrates (this can happen if the dog eats mainly meat);
  3. You taught your dog to eat sweets and suddenly stopped giving him treats.

Keep in mind that feeding sugary foods will not cure the problem. The pet needs to be given special food that contains naturally occurring sugars. This should be done in moderate doses, without abuse.

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