DIY snowdrops - master class on creating stylish and beautiful flowers (video + 170 photos)
Gift options You can make a plant from corrugated paper and decorate it like a basket of flowers.
DIY Rooster Christmas tree toy: Christmas tree toy 2017
Symbol of 2022 Rooster crochet: a selection of 35 patterns and descriptions and ideas for inspiration
For the New Year holidays, a green beauty appears in every home, a Christmas tree, which everyone decorates with
Decoupage of boxes: master class on decorating boxes with napkins. 120 photos of a step-by-step description of the technique for beginners
Surely every home has an unnecessary thing that is a pity to throw away. Maybe she's old or
Crafts made from jute - photos of templates and new ideas. Let's learn how to make a craft with your own hands from burlap, twine and jute
Advantages and disadvantages of products Twine is widely available, it could always be bought in any
How to emboss leather: a simple guide to use
Leather embossing is an incredibly interesting process that you can easily organize at your place.
How to make a large Kinder Surprise with your own hands, a giant egg at home
April 5, 2019 Handicraft Yulia Petruk Both adults and children love to receive unusual gifts,
DIY tutu skirt: (how to sew a skirt), “tutu” skirt for girls with elastic
A tutu skirt is a full skirt with a belt or elastic band. Usually for its production
Papier mache crafts: master class for beginners, with a detailed description of how to make a craft with your own hands (80 photo ideas)
The master class outlines the basic techniques for making masks at home using the papier-mâché technique. Do
How to make a ribbon bow: 36 photos of design options for gift wrapping? Let's learn how to make an original present - 5 master classes for any occasion!
How to make a chocolate bow. Photo There are a wide variety of options for making various decorations for cakes.
DIY folding table: 20 wall tables with step-by-step instructions
folding table on the wall with your own hands Sometimes finding a place for a table in a crowded apartment
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