Symbol of 2022 Rooster crochet: a selection of 35 patterns and descriptions and ideas for inspiration

For the New Year holidays, a green beauty, a Christmas tree, appears in every home, which everyone decorates with special trepidation. Most people buy a huge amount of all kinds of Christmas tree balls at the nearest supermarket, but some still strive for uniqueness, which means they make Christmas tree decorations with their own hands.

In this article, the News portal “” has prepared for you several simple master classes and ideas for making Christmas tree decorations in the form of the symbol of the upcoming New Year 2022, the Rooster.

And if you are ready, then let's get started...

DIY Christmas tree toy Cockerel in an egg

Absolutely everyone will love these charming homemade Christmas tree decorations.

To make this you will need chicken eggs, food coloring or acrylic paints, yellow knitting threads, glue, live eyes and decorative rope.

Break the chicken egg so that there is a hole on the side of the shell. Remove the white and yolk, rinse the shell and let it dry thoroughly.

Now start painting. You can paint eggshells with food coloring, as many do for Easter, or use acrylic paints. While the shells are drying, you can start creating the cockerels themselves.

Make pompoms from yellow knitting threads. Glue live eyes and beak to them. Place the yellow rooster chick inside the colored shell.

Glue a decorative rope to the top of the shell, using which you can hang the toy on the Christmas tree.

We knit a cockerel with crochet and knitting needles

For women who know how to knit, this would be an ideal option to make a cockerel. This knitted rooster will decorate your kitchen or bedroom, and is also suitable for a gift.

To make this craft you will need:

  1. 4 black buttons.
  2. Textile. An old sheet or other thick fabric may come in handy. You can choose the color you like best.
  3. The hooks are small.
  4. Threads 4 colors. You can recycle old sweaters that are no longer needed. These can be wool or cotton threads.

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You can make a symbol as follows:

  • First of all, make a pattern of a cockerel on paper or old wallpaper. Cut it out carefully with scissors.
  • Transfer it to the fabric, keeping a slight margin of 5 millimeters for the seam.
  • Now tie the cockerel's head and body. Gray threads are suitable for this.
  • Knit the tummy in brown.
  • Make the comb and beak red.

You can knit individual parts or make the entire cockerel. Fill the toy with padding polyester, cotton wool or pieces of fabric that need to be finely cut. Sew buttons on the symbol of 2022 instead of an eye. You can replace the buttons with beads from an old necklace. The craft is ready.

DIY Christmas tree toy Rooster made from paper

Another option to make a Christmas tree decoration by 2022 is to use a ready-made paper blank and colored pencils.

Print the blank on thick white paper. Use decorative rope to make a rooster's legs, then glue paper feet to each end of the rope.

Using multi-colored pencils or markers, decorate the craft.

And now your Christmas tree toy Cockerel is ready.

Color schemes

I think it will not be superfluous for needlewomen who want to knit a very realistic cockerel =))

More and more diagrams and descriptions of cockerels appear every day. And choosing the one you like the most becomes a real problem - all the toys are original, and they just beg to be created. If you have free time, knit everything you like. I've already started a couple))

The most popular trend now is amigurumi. Many of them are quite simple to implement.

DIY Christmas tree toy Rooster made of felt

Multi-colored felt is considered an excellent material for making all kinds of crafts. This material has bright and rich colors, does not require additional processing of the edges, and is easy and pleasant to work with.

We bring to your attention several ideas for felt Roosters that you can make with your own hands.

Crafts made from salt dough - rooster

Another popular material for children's crafts is salt dough. It’s not difficult to make, sculpting is as simple as using plasticine, but the figures are stronger and more durable—you don’t have to worry that your child will break everything just because he squeezed his fingers on the toy a little tighter than necessary.

Salt dough cockerel recipe:

Mix 200-250 grams of flour and half a glass or a little more fine sea or regular table salt in a bowl. Add about 150 grams of water and mix everything thoroughly. At the end, pour in 20-30 grams of glue - it is better to use PVA so that the dough holds its shape better and the figures do not fall apart.

Next, we begin to sculpt the figure - we make a body, add a head, attach wings and a tail to it, and also do not forget about the comb and beak. Afterwards we paint with gouache or some special paints. We make all the parts separately, and then glue them together with glue or water. To make small parts and shape them, use a scalp or a thin and sharp knife; when working with children, it is better to take safe plastic tools - a spatula or something that will help you make cuts and create the necessary elements.

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Video: DIY Christmas rooster craft

DIY Christmas tree toy Rooster (felting)

Do you know the felting technique? Then feel free to get to work. Felt the cute little roosters and then use glue to secure each one in a nutshell.

If desired, the shells themselves can also be decorated with acrylic paints.

Methods for making pompoms

Pompoms are the most waste-free method for recycling leftover threads. The classic method of making a pompom is very labor-intensive and inconvenient, and it is unlikely to be possible to involve a child in the manufacturing process:

  • Cut out two identical donut-shaped templates from cardboard.

  • Put them together.
  • Wrap the yarn tightly with a needle.
  • Cut the yarn around the circumference.
  • Carefully separate the templates by about one centimeter.
  • Tie the threads tightly in the resulting gap.
  • Remove the templates, fluff the pompom ball and, if necessary, trim.

There is a simplified way to make a pompom. To do this, we make a template in the shape of the letter P with the distance between the legs equal to the diameter of the desired pompom. You can make it from hard cardboard or use a photo frame - fortunately they come in different sizes. For small pompoms, an ordinary fork is perfect. The main condition: there must be a gap between two horizontal lines.

Now you can entrust the operation of winding threads to a child. He will choose the colors and texture himself and will receive the best color cockerel plumage. When enough yarn has been wound for the desired fluffiness of the bird, it’s time for the adults to get to work. We tightly tie the future pom-pom in the center with a strong thread, remove it from the holder and begin to form the future figure using scissors.

Postcard with a cockerel

It’s always nice to congratulate family and friends, but giving something else and a handmade craft is much nicer. For example, it could be a postcard with a rooster - the symbol of the New Year. For this you will need very little.

You will need:

  1. Colored paper.
  2. PVA glue, but a glue stick will also work.
  3. Scotch tape, preferably double-sided.
  4. Scissors.

Add a little of your imagination.

Layouts with the image of a cockerel can be found in a very large number on the Internet. But if you can draw, then you can draw the image of this symbol yourself. If this is a New Year's gift, then a blue background will do. You can draw snowflakes on it.

You will need two more cockerel figures. You can do more - the postcard will turn out more voluminous. Place double-sided tape on the back of each postcard and stick it to the center of the postcard. Under the picture, write an inscription with a congratulation, For example, “Congratulations,” “Happy New Year,” or “Merry Christmas.”

Open the card and write your wish beautifully inside. Or choose a wish on the Internet, print it, cut it out and stick the wish on double-sided tape. Such a voluminous postcard with a rooster will definitely delight your family and friends. You can prepare such a congratulation together with your child.

Button figures

Well, probably the most unusual thing will be a cockerel made of multi-colored buttons. You will need bright buttons of different sizes, rhinestones, glue and a thick sheet of cardboard. First you need to make a sketch of the future rooster on cardboard. Next, the image is made with buttons, and the gaps are filled with rhinestones. The finished painting can be placed in a frame.

Now you know that making a symbol for the coming year is very easy. The main thing you need for this is time, patience and a little imagination.

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