Construction of a house from rounded logs - technology for assembling a log frame
A house made of rounded logs is a more progressive analogue of the traditional Russian log house - a hut, which
How to make eyelets at home: recommendations
To watch online, click on the video ⤵ Cleaning foliage with an electro-mechanical brush! foliage cleaning with a
DIY concrete benches: making them
Concrete is the main material when creating walls and foundations, but it is also quite popular and
Do-it-yourself automatic watering: how to install and use an irrigation system on the site
SHARE ON SOCIAL NETWORKS FacebookTwitterOkGoogle+PinterestVk Caring for a summer cottage, greenhouse, flowerbed or lawn takes a lot of time
Cut on left hand:
How to repair a knife blade and handle yourself
It seems that a knife is an ordinary kitchen tool. But it's not that simple. Noticed that
How to make an expansion tank from a canister
How to make a tank for a boat motor with your own hands from a canister
The expansion tank compensates for the increase in the volume of heated coolant, reducing the pressure in the wiring. Therefore such a node
Rack for seedlings from corners
How to make a rack for seedlings yourself?
Growing seedlings is one of the most responsible and complex procedures that must be performed annually.
Examples of simple outdoor flowerpots
DIY flowerpots made of cement and fabric
Flowerpot made of fabric Old things are always available at every summer cottage or country house
DIY fishing table: some interesting ideas
DIY fishing table: some interesting ideas
Those who like to sit with a fishing rod have often come up with the question of how to make a table for
How to make a universal bench for the vegetable garden with your own hands
Periodic gardening work is an obligatory part of the workday of owners of dachas and personal plots. A
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