How to make a chopper bike with your own hands
What is a chopper, or how to make a bicycle with your own hands?
These designs are similar to both cool motorcycles and their “big brothers”, but more
A device for screwing in brake cylinders with your own
A device for pressing in brake caliper pistons with your own hands Hello to all lovers of homemade products. In this
Big heart made of balloons for a wedding
Do-it-yourself shelf: how to make it from wood, plywood and scrap materials for the wall? TOP 130 photos of the best design ideas
Big heart made of balloons for a wedding December 13, 2016 admin How to decorate an apartment or
Do-it-yourself device for tightening screw piles
The pile twister is intended
dumps for UAZ
✅All-terrain vehicle based on GAZ-66: home-made, lumberjack on a chassis, swamp vehicle on bridges, on road wheels, forester, gourmet
An SUV in the household of the owner of a suburban area, taking into account the quality of the roads, is an excellent help, and
How to make lighting in the interior door handles of LADA cars
When in a dark car interior people begin to fumble with their hands along the trim in search of a handle,
Do-it-yourself air supply unit for a welding mask
Home page • Articles on welding • Welding helmets: types, characteristics, features of choice
Drawing of a differential for a walk-behind tractor
Differential and hub for a walk-behind tractor: functions, types, self-production
DIY hub for the rear wheel of an all-terrain vehicle with inner tubes. From the correct design, which wheel
We make mini tractors from VAZ
Complete tuning of VAZ 2109: what you can do it yourself
A homemade minitratcore with a Zhiguli engine is another popular type of mechanical assistant,
How a fireplace door is made, how to do the work yourself
We make a door for the oven with our own hands from available materials
Why do they even put doors on the fireplace? It is believed that a door with glass is a necessity of modern
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