Fatbikes are popular all-terrain bicycles
3x3 all-terrain vehicle: Ural tricycle, light three-wheeled carakat, do-it-yourself, swamp vehicle, homemade all-terrain vehicles, how to make
Today, fat bikes are one of the popular types of bicycle transport among people who love to ride off-road.
Frame for 2 din radio: characteristics and installation
Home » Useful tips » Homemade products » How to make an adapter frame for a radio tape recorder with your own
Homemade moped
How to assemble a moped with your own hands from a chainsaw and available parts
A moped, like a bicycle, is an economical and convenient means of transportation. This vehicle travels faster
Homemade wires for lighting
Do-it-yourself electrics: Making high-quality wires for lighting a car
Faced with a completely discharged battery somewhere along the way, the car owner finds himself in a difficult situation.
How to paint wheel caps with your own hands?
How to paint car hubcaps with your own hands
How to paint wheel caps - Tuningberg Wheel caps - a smart solution for protecting stamped wheels
A stationery knife - what is it, what does it look like, what is it used for, the main types, how to choose?
A stationery knife - what is it, what does it look like, what is it used for, the main types, how to choose?
When you need to open a box, cut linoleum and drywall, or clean electrical wires, a clerical tool comes to the rescue
Auto electrics for beginners - minimal knowledge
Auto electrics for beginners - what will you have to “rule” over? Modern cars have quite sophisticated electronics,
Homemade electric bicycle from an angle grinder: assembly photo
Chain gearbox: design and principle of operation Chain gearbox is one of the most popular types,
Metal bending
How to bend a 2 mm sheet of metal into a pipe with your own hands
In order to bend metal sheets in production, additional processing of the workpiece is not necessary.
How to make shot for hunting with your own hands: equipment, instructions
May 17, 2019 Weapons and ammunition by Tamil Gresko Hunting is considered a rather expensive activity, especially
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