Leather crafts for beginners - a detailed description of how to make beautiful crafts with your own hands. 100 photo ideas

We present to your attention several ideas for wonderful crafts made from leather: wall panels, keychains, souvenirs, interior items, jewelry and much more. All you need is a little free time, imagination and imagination. It is worth noting that any material is suitable for making crafts, both genuine leather and artificial or eco-leather.

Money clip or cover

From thick leather you can make a money clip or a cover for a notebook, passport or favorite book.

To work, you will need a special tool for piercing the skin or an ordinary thin awl, a thick needle, waxed thread, and tailor's scissors.

Thick leather is very difficult to cut. If you don't have special tools, use large tailor's scissors.

To create a product, a rectangular piece of leather is cut out in accordance with the pattern. To clamp, the edges are stitched, first piercing a hole with an awl for each needle step. Then the metal clamp itself is glued with hot glue. It can be purchased at craft stores or leather goods stores.

To create a cover, leather is laid horizontally and the edges are folded in to form pockets into which a passport or notepad will be inserted. Next, the product is stitched around the perimeter.

Additionally, the craft can be rubbed with fine-grained sandpaper to give it a vintage look or to decorate it with an inscription or appliqué.

Coin box

You can sew a funny animal coin holder from leftover leather. This product is also suitable as a leather craft for kindergarten and school.

You need to take a circle as the basis for the craft. A hole for coins is left at the top or bottom, the rest of the circle needs to be stitched, connecting the two parts of the product. A strap with one or two buttons is sewn on the wrong side.

If you are making, for example, a penguin, the strap should be placed on top, and the button will become the beak. If you are making a hippopotamus, the strap goes over the bottom, and two buttons become the nostrils on the animal's face.

Eyes, beak or other necessary details are glued on top of the base.

Earrings with fur

To do this you need to have:

  • a thin strip of mink fur;
  • a couple of beads in the form of rings;
  • a pair of brightly colored beads with edges;
  • two 2 cm wires to secure the fur circle;
  • 2 earrings;
  • round nose pliers;
  • threads;
  • a thin needle.

This type of work requires perseverance and attentiveness. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The mink strip is folded into a circle and secured with a needle and thread.
  2. We cut off the excess fur with scissors.
  3. Carefully tuck the fur tip into the circle.
  4. To the resulting circle we first apply a bead in the form of a ring, and then a ribbed one. Two beads are sewn to the fur.
  5. We make a bend at the end of the wire and thread it into the fur circle so that the circle hangs evenly on the wire.
  6. We also bend the second end of the wire.
  7. We fasten the rounded end of the wire to the earring ring.
  8. We make the second earring in the same way. Now you can wear this beauty.

Filigree swirls

When creating leather jewelry and decorating other products, the technology of creating curls from leather cord is often used. The essence of the technique is to twist the cord in a spiral. From such “snails” of different sizes you can create entire compositions. You need to secure the cord so that the circle does not fall apart using PVA glue or a glue gun.

The cord is made as follows:

  • A thin strip of fabric is laid out on the table;
  • Glue is applied to the inner surface;
  • Fold the workpiece in half lengthwise;
  • Dry the product;
  • Excess or uneven edges at the gluing site are cut off.

Fur insoles

There is nothing easier than cutting out insoles from an old fur coat. Moreover, even a personal pattern is not required. You just need to take any old insoles and, using them as patterns, cut new ones out of fur. The speed of making insoles lies in the fact that there is no need for sewing. And no lining is needed. The quality of the fur also does not play a special role. The main thing is that there are no holes.

It is worth paying attention to the main nuance. Fur insoles take up quite a lot of space in shoes, so they can be used when your shoes are a little big. Otherwise, you may end up with calluses. The fur, of course, can be trimmed, but this will not provide the proper warmth.


Leather bracelets deserve special mention. A simple minimalistic bracelet made of genuine leather can fit into any female or male look. It is with this kind of leather craft that novice craftsmen should start working with the material.

The simplest bracelet is a rectangular piece of leather that matches the size of your hand. Two parts of a metal button fastener are attached to its ends.

If the soul asks for more, the bracelet can be cut in the shape of an animal or a butterfly. It can also be supplemented with decorative stitching or embossing.


Hair jewelry artists have a lot of room for imagination. The leather pins look beautiful. This accessory consists of two parts, one of them is a large wooden pin, and the second is a leather pad.

This hairpin is always visible and attracts a lot of attention to the hairstyle. So why not make it yourself? Using a stencil that you can find on the Internet, cut out a flower, a dragon, or a geometric shape.

Natural and artificial leather can not only be perforated and embossed, but also dyed. Leather dye can be purchased at large shoe stores or shoe repair shops.

Tatting schemes

Tatting is a type of lace that is made using a special shuttle and a hook/needle with a blunt end.

Beads, beads, pearls, and natural stones can be used as additional materials in necklaces made using the tatting technique. The technique is difficult to master and will require perseverance and patience from the beginning needlewoman. You need to start getting acquainted with tatting with simple knots and patterns, gradually complicating the task.

Patterns for creating handmade necklaces can be found in large quantities on the Internet, on specialized websites and forums. Printed publications will also tell you in detail and step by step all the stages of the process on which weaving a necklace is based. Below, as an example, are diagrams of a tatting necklace with a description. But this information will only be understandable to experienced lace makers.

It is better for beginners to master the basics of technology with the help of video master classes or special literature.

By creating necklaces using this technique, you will always be irresistible!

Leather flowers

Since we're talking about decorating hairstyles, we can't help but mention flower-shaped hairpins made from pieces of leather.

To create a flower, you will need scraps of thin leather, which need to be cut to the shape of the petals. The petals can be folded (for this, the skin is soaked in a mixture of PVA glue and water, and then folds are formed and allowed to dry) or simply curved, like real ones (to do this, you need to heat the petal over the fire and run a knife along it with pressure, forming a bend , after cooling the petal will keep its shape). Next, the petals are glued onto a cardboard base and glued to an old hairpin or attached to a bag or clothing.

Fur scarf

It looks very interesting and is done very quickly. Especially if you still have an old fur coat that has long gone out of fashion or is too worn out. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s made of faux fur or natural fur. The scarf will look chic.

Required tool:

  • pins, threads, needle;
  • centimeter;
  • scissors or furrier's knife;
  • chalk or pen;
  • sewing machine.

You set the parameters for the scarf yourself, based on your wishes or a real piece of fur. We cut out a rectangle 30 centimeters wide and 140 centimeters long. If there is no such length of fur, then you can cut out several parts and then sew them into one. The strip is folded in half (so that the width of the product is 15 centimeters) and all sides are sewn together, except for one small one. It is needed so that the scarf can be turned inside out. You can sew either by hand or by machine.

After turning the unsewn edge, it is sewn up manually with a hidden seam, constantly straightening the bent fibers. The finished product is very thick and difficult to tie. Therefore, you can make a through cut in the scarf, stepping back from its narrow side by 25 centimeters. The second end of the scarf is threaded through the hole. You can also use decorative pins and loops to secure the product.

The bow tie

If you want to give a gift to a young man, you can make an unusual butterfly from leftover leather.

The base is made from a rectangular piece of thick leather with rounded edges. In the middle, the figure should be intercepted with a thin strap, forming a butterfly.

On the back of the accessory you can attach a clip clasp, an elastic band that will go around the neck or a thin leather strap. In the latter case, you will need to install a button clasp on the inside of the butterfly and at the end of the strap.

Headphone holder

If you prefer classics and use classic wired headphones, you probably constantly encounter constant falls of your headphones. To avoid this, you can make a leather holder.

To do this, measure from collarbone to collarbone across the back of your neck. Next you need to cut out a piece of leather of this size; there should be small extensions at the ends of the strip. In wide areas you need to cut two round holes. This is where the headphones will be inserted.

The edges of the product can be left raw or stitched.

Cup holder

As a children's leather craft, you can choose a cup holder or a cup cover. This device will protect your delicate hands from contact with hot dishes. Do the following:

Cut a rectangle with a width slightly less than the height of the cup and a length equal to its circumference;

Prepare a strip of leather that will become a handle (if you are making a coaster);

Glue or sew the handle to the base.

The cover can be attached to the cup using a button fastener or using lacing.

Weaving stripes

For beginners, the simplest options are suitable, which will allow you to get used to the material and tools.

For example, this bracelet. For it you will need:

  • a piece of leather, preferably clean, without scuffs;
  • leather glue;
  • scissors, better tailors;
  • a thread;
  • needle;
  • awl, sharp knitting needle. You can even use a hole punch.

We measure the circumference of the wrist. Cut out a strip of leather of appropriate length and width of 2.5-3 cm.

For convenience, fold it in half and cut the workpiece into three parts lengthwise, not reaching the edges about two centimeters.

We pass one end alternately between the first and second strips, and the second, and the third. Thus, braiding the pigtail.

Then we round the ends of the bracelet and make a hole on each one. We pass a thin strip of leather through them. The bracelet is ready, you can tie it in a bow, or you can cut out a fastener from the same leather, as shown in the photo below.

But such a simple necklace in boho style will decorate a laconic look.

Tote bag

Lately, shopping bags have come into fashion. They are designed to replace the disposable plastic bags in which we put purchases from stores. If you have a large piece of leather, for example from an old leather coat or jacket, you can sew such a leather craft with your own hands.

The bag consists of two sewn rectangles and two handles. You can add a fabric lining inside if you wish, or leave the bag as is.

Adding decorations

If you add very few stones or beads to a leather or fur product, you will get real works of art. Stones make stunning jewelry.

Stones can be trimmed with beads, thus obtaining a medallion. For this you will need a cabochon and size 11 beads. You can take beads of different colors, then the medallion will turn out more elegant. Of course, you need a beading needle and thread. How to do this is shown in the video:

Having learned the basics of beading, you can let your imagination fly freely and create real masterpieces, combining stones, leather, fur, and adding beaded decor. Handicraft enhances qualities such as attentiveness, patience and perseverance. In addition, by developing finger motor skills, brain performance increases. A person begins to understand and appreciate beauty, develops imagination. Handmade gifts become priceless.

Furniture handles

If you are wondering not only how to make a leather craft, but also where to put it later, choose products for the home. For example, you can make original handles for furniture from small rectangles of thick leather.

The handles are a rectangle folded in half in the form of a loop. The handle can be additionally stitched for decorative purposes.

These handles are secured using nails with a decorative head or furniture screws.

Nuances at work

Having mastered working with leather and admired the first products, you can begin to create beautiful jewelry from leather and fur.

Working with fur is not as easy as working with leather. If you need to sew two pieces of fur, then you need to know some subtleties.

Fur is not sewn in the usual way; it cannot be sewn on a machine. Everything must be done manually.

To do this, fold the pieces with the fur inward so that not a single hair sticks out, and begin to stitch. The needle should pierce both skins in a direction away from you. The fur is sewn with a regular seam over the edge, with a small indentation between the punctures.

When you finish sewing, you need to stretch the seam, otherwise it will bend and the product will turn out ugly. To do this, the inside of the product is lightly moistened with water at the seam and stretched on a wooden surface, carefully nailed with shoe nails. Another important detail when working with fur is that it cannot be cut with scissors. Only with a sharp shoe knife and only from the inside out. Scissors cut hairs and ruin all the beauty.

Magazine shelf

If you are looking for photos of leather crafts for the home, you will probably come across soft leather magazine holders.

Essentially, it’s just a large rectangle made of thick leather, which is attached in the form of a hammock under the coffee table. This hammock can be used to store newspapers, magazines or books that you often read. This device allows you to save space, keep your living room tidy and use unnecessary material.

Leather is a versatile and very pliable material. You can make many useful and beautiful crafts from leather. Leather is very easy to work with, which allows it to be used even for children's crafts. In addition, by using leather for crafts, you give a second life to old things and take care of the environment.

Fur hair scrunchie

This product belongs to the hand-made category and perfectly decorates hair. This type of elastic can be made using a piece from an old mink coat. For work you will need the following materials:

  • manicure scissors;
  • thick elastic band;
  • a piece of mink fur;
  • beads or beads;
  • felt;
  • voluminous button;
  • a needle with a thin eye;
  • threads;
  • middle needle;
  • glue "moment".

The stages of making jewelry are as follows:

  1. A flower is made from a piece of mink to decorate the hairpin. Petals should be voluminous. This is possible thanks to darts.
  2. Using a felt-tip pen or pen, we mark the outline of the future elastic band. We cut out the workpiece using a knife or scissors.
  3. The petals are first sewn up with a dart, and then the edges are joined with a seam. The bottom edge remains unstitched. This makes it easier to sew or glue the petals.
  4. A circle of the diameter you choose is cut out of felt or leather. All manufactured petals are sewn to it. There can be from 7 to 10, depending on the size.
  5. We cut out a circle with a diameter of up to 4 cm from felt. The core is decorated with beads or beads.
  6. This piece of fabric is used to wrap a button. It will resemble a ball with embroidery.
  7. This decorated core is sewn onto a leather circle. The fur flower is ready. Now you need to sew it to the elastic band and you can tie your hair with the decoration.

The easiest way is to tie or sew a piece of fur onto a regular elastic band.

Photos of leather crafts

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