How to make a baby book for 2nd grade, for 1st grade, for 3rd grade take care of plants, about numbers, with riddles, on mathematics. How to make a baby book from cardboard or paper

Creative people always want to try something new. A gift made with your own hands is always associated with love and warmth. We suggest you make a book or diary for writing with your own hands. You can use printed recipes or handmade patterns as a book. Most likely, you will become so involved in the process that you will not stop at one copy. We suggest trying several book options. You can involve your children in the work; they will enjoy the process of working with paper.

What can you make a baby book out of, photo

Year Three: Application

The application reached the App Store thanks to the efforts of the fourth international development team. The guys completed the crude application, adding new functionality and voice acting. We took care of all the publishing work. Including, after Apple’s rejection, parental controls were added (the Kids category has certain protection requirements).

One of the interesting solutions proposed by the guys was unique functionality. It opens after entering a special code in the settings and is an additional page. On this page the author can leave a signature with his own hand, as is done on the titles of traditional paper books.

Now you can touch the result of 3 years of work by our large team by downloading “ Malyshariy”

"on your iPad. And completely free of charge to touch the love with which we made this book.

If you find a typo, highlight it and press Ctrl + Enter! To contact us you can use

How to make a baby book out of cardboard

  • Take 2 sheets of white cardboard and draw them out as shown in the photo below (the dimensions of each rectangle are 5 cm width, 10 cm height):

  • After this, you need to make an accordion by bending the rectangles along the fold lines:

  • We glue stickers with images onto each resulting page. In our example there will be a little book on studying birds, but you can choose a different topic:

Year two: development

In a year and a half, 3 development teams were replaced on the project.

The first (Moscow). They suggested doing everything in HTML5. They couldn’t cope with the animation of the third screen and realized that they were not interested in making books. We parted as friends.

The second (Minsk). In Minsk they prefer Cocos. With grief in half, we made up all the screens. But half of the animations worked crookedly. For example, they couldn’t achieve inertia when spinning the carousel. Tired of many edits, the programmers hid with the code.

The third (St. Petersburg). They wrote everything from scratch, instilling hope in us, but at the moment of introducing ready-made sounds they set a cosmic estimate, clearly of a barrier nature. Having never finished the project, they gave away the source code and now boast about the application on their website.

But we did not lose faith in the Ideal Developer and as a result we found him...

How to make a baby book for 1st grade

First-graders are creative and inquisitive people. To make learning much more interesting for them, you can make these little books for them with the alphabet or numbers.

In this case, you just need to select pictures on the Internet for each letter of the alphabet, print them, cut them out and sign them. If you yourself know how to draw beautifully, then make original drawings on each page.

A book with an interesting cover

As long as you can draw, you can create a stunning cover using acrylic paints. Can you imagine how impressive a reproduction of Van Gogh's Starry Night will look? Of course, you can paste over the cover with a photo from the printer, but only if it is in high resolution.

Textured brown paper, like the kind used for envelopes, also looks interesting on a homemade book. Creating such a cover is quite easy - you just need a pencil and a ruler for measurements. The sheet of paper should protrude above the book so that there are corners that can be folded. Everything else is cut off and the corners are bent.

How to make a book baby take care of plants grade 3

  1. Choose the form of the future book. It could be a chamomile, a leaf or a twig.
  2. Select the material that you want to paint or depict in a baby book. Print it out, cut it out and glue it on.
  3. Create a general thematic design for the book using felt-tip pens or pencils. Again, you can use bright stickers if you don’t have artistic skills.

Advantages and disadvantages of the toy

The flip book certainly has its advantages. First of all, strength. Since such toys are made of thick cardboard, a child will not be able to tear it. The second is the brightness of the design. This version of the book is much more interesting and attractive than paper ones. Bright and voluminous pictures attract children's attention.

The child can learn new professions.

If we talk about shortcomings, there are practically none. Perhaps your child will not appreciate such a toy, because he is more interested in cars or dolls.

Show your imagination and place the second fairy tale on the other side, then the back cover will become the beginning of a new book.

Creating such a book with your own hands in the company of your child is a great way to spend time. Try to give your baby such a gift, believe me, he will be happy to receive it.

Baby book template for printing

In elementary school, baby books are a lifesaver for any mother or teacher. The child can create such a book on the topic of the lesson and at the same time absorb the necessary knowledge and develop intellectually.

DIY folding folder

In the same way, you can make a folding folder with your own hands. For kids, fairy tales with pictures can be placed on such folders; they will be interested in looking at the characters.

Cut the text and pictures into fragments that correspond to the pages.

For older children, the folder can be placed at the table where they do their homework; the school schedule, rules for some school subjects, etc. can be placed there.

It is not at all necessary that the content of a folding book be a fairy tale.

To create a folder, you will definitely need cardboard, transparent or colored film and decorative items for decoration.



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Photo book for a child

Recently, children's photo books have become popular. These are books in which photographs of the baby are collected and all the most interesting moments of life are captioned. So, on the back of the page you can write a whole fascinating story. When the child grows up, he will be very interested in looking at such a memorable thing, and he will be able to supplement it with new photographs himself. Also, don’t forget about photographs of relatives or pets. Looking at photographs with captions and bright illustrations will be much more interesting for a child than looking at a regular photo album.

The basis for a photo book can be a thick sketchbook or cardboard sheets. Of course, it will be easier to purchase a ready-made cardboard photo album and paste photographs and illustrations into it, but a photo book made with your own hands will be a thousand times more original and sweeter to the baby’s heart.

Tip: In order for your child to like a photo book, it is recommended to create it together. So the baby himself will suggest what photos he wants to see in it, and how to sign them.

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