DIY cat craft: photos of the best craft options, master class on making stylish toys and jewelry

Fingerless gloves (mittens) are an unusually fashionable accessory that has gained widespread recognition quite recently (previously, only athletes and some workers wore mittens). The shape of these gloves allows them to be worn in summer, spring, autumn and even winter in certain conditions when open fingers do not freeze from frosty air.

Today on sale you can find men's, women's and children's models, leather, lace and knitted options. For teenagers and young fashionistas, we offer a rather original accessory - fur cat gloves. Therefore, in this article we will look in more detail at what kind of fingerless mittens are sold in stores today.

Paper cat

The ancient Chinese art of origami is still popular today. Its essence is to create real works of art from paper without using glue. In the video you can see examples of making cat crafts using plain paper.

For beginners and children, it won’t be too difficult to make a cat’s face out of paper - making it in full size is somewhat difficult, you can get confused. But a cute cat’s face can become a decoration for a postcard or just a pleasant surprise for parents.

  1. We take colored paper of any size, square shape. It's easy to make from a simple rectangular sheet by bending it diagonally and cutting off the excess strip. Bend the resulting square with the colored side facing out to form a triangle.
  2. Fold the resulting triangle in half and straighten it to create a vertical fold line.
  3. Place the triangle in front of you so that one vertex is at the top. Bend it in such a way as to “connect” the two lower vertices with the upper one - you should get a small rhombus. Bend it back into a triangle to maintain the fold line.
  4. Bend the “triangles” obtained from the last step so that both vertices are outside the edges of the main triangle. In appearance it should look like a tulip, but in fact, these are the ears of our future cat. Bend the third, middle, peak towards you so as to make the head of an animal. You can even apply a little glue to make everything stick better.
  5. Turn your workpiece over. The cat’s face is ready - all that’s left is to decorate it: draw the eyes and mouth, glue on the antennae, etc.

Cat made of cones

Cat crafts made from cones are especially beautiful - such a natural material is very popular in kindergartens and schools in the fall, when kids are asked to make any craft from fir cones, all they need is their imagination!

You will need:

  • Fir and pine cones of different sizes,
  • PVA glue,
  • And also long pine needles,
  • A little pink plasticine
  • And two peas of black pepper.


  1. To begin with, we will need a small pine cone, to which we will glue two spruce scales - in this way we will make ears on the top of our cat’s head. We use PVA glue for fastening, glue on eyes from black peppercorns, and also make mustaches from pine needles. The nose can be made from pink plasticine.
  2. The largest fir cone should be oblong - this will be the body of the cat. Using PVA glue we glue the finished head to it.
  3. You can make a cat’s tail from a spruce cone, which looks fuller - let the animal’s tail be fluffy. For better visualization, you can carefully peel back the scales to create a “fluffy” feeling. We also glue it with PVA glue.
  4. We make the paws from fir cones, approximately the same size, so that our cat stands firmly on her paws.

How to sew a costume for a cat with your own hands: the basis for the outfit

  • In our case, we are creating a black cat costume. Therefore, you can use ordinary things that are found in every girl’s wardrobe. The main condition is that they be black. The most organic look will turn out if the girl is wearing black leggings or tights, a dress or skirt with a blouse.
  • If you want your girl to have a fluffy skirt, like a ballerina’s, use tulle ribbons to create it.
  • It’s very easy to make; you don’t even have to pick up a needle and thread to do it. Sew a wide elastic band around your waist - you want it to be not too tight, but not fall off during active games.
  • Place it on the back of the chair and tie black tulle strips to it around the entire circumference.


  • When tying, they need to be folded in half, so they are cut into two lengths, taking into account a 10 cm allowance.

The pack is ready

We put it on the base

  • If you want to see a classic-style skirt on your girl, then use the usual standard pattern.


  • And don’t forget to attach that chic ponytail that you already made with your own hands to the skirt.

Plasticine cat

This photo shows what wonderful cat crafts can be made from plasticine. This material is easy to use, and therefore something is often made from it during labor lessons in elementary school or kindergarten.

To work you will need:

  • Only plasticine of different colors (depending on the color of the cat)
  • And a stack for cutting.


  1. We start making the cat from the head and body - roll two balls. Please note that the head should be round, but the body should be slightly oblong. Let's connect together.
  2. The legs and tail will be the same, so you need to roll five small balls of approximately the same size. From four we make “sausages”, and from the fifth we make a tail. Moreover, it should taper towards the end (the one that will be attached to the body).
  3. Now you need to attach the legs and tail to the body. It's easiest if the cat is in a standing position.
  4. To make the ears, you need to roll two small balls - slightly smaller in size than those from which the paws were made. Then we give them a triangular shape and attach them to the cat’s head.
  5. The base for the cat is ready. Then you can get creative with your child - make the eyes yellow or blue, stick multi-colored spots or strips of plasticine of a different color onto the “fur” of the animal, etc.

Video tutorials on how to crochet a cat

Black cat, step by step description

In this video - a master class on knitting a Black Cat toy using the amigurumi technique. Detailed diagram. This toy is perfect for Halloween.

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Plush cat - amigurumi

Even a beginner can knit such a cutie! The cat is crocheted from plush yarn. I use Himalaya Dolphin Baby crochet and a size 4 mm crochet hook. The cat is 15-17 cm tall.

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How to tie a cat Matroskin

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Crochet cat Kuzya

Kuzya the cat is an original gift for Valentine's Day that will delight your other half because there is nothing better than a handmade gift, it is simply knitted easily and quickly. A full description of how to knit a cat in one video tutorial.

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Paper applique of a cat

Applique paintings are no less beautiful - there are several options: geometric (details in the form of geometric shapes), torn (pieces of paper come off) and others.

Both beginners and advanced students can make a cat craft in the form of an applique - in fact, everything is simpler than it seems at first glance.

Let's consider the simplest option - a geometric application, for which we will need:

  • Colored cardboard (background),
  • Glue,
  • Scissors and colored paper blanks in the form of three small circles and two triangles.

Work progress:

  1. Take one of the circles and cut it in half with scissors. Glue half of the circle to the cardboard with the rounded side up. We glue the second half to the side on the left, slightly above the edge - this will be the tail of our cat.
  2. Next we glue the circle so as to “capture” a little bit of the semicircles - this is the body of the cat. We glue the last circle, placing it on the upper edge of the cat’s body circle - this is how we made the cat’s head.
  3. Triangle blanks are cat ears. We glue them on both sides of the head.
  4. In general, the cat applique is ready. Circles and triangles can be used in different colors to create the look of a motley cat. You need to draw a muzzle on the face with a felt-tip pen or pen, although the eyes can be glued on if you have special stationery - it will look very cool!

We complement the suit with accessories

A Halloween costume can be completed with cat ears, a mask, whiskers, and paws.

Here are some examples of various additions:

There are also hairpins and bobby pins with ears. This option will be more convenient for those who are uncomfortable wearing a headband.

There are no cats without fluffy tails, we also use them as an accessory. We will make the tail using strong wire and material like fur. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can buy a tail in specialized themed stores.

Faux leather gloves are suitable for the base.

Instead of claws, you can use pink pads made of softer material, correctly distributing them on the gloves

Let's make fluffy neko-paws of a Japanese cat that brings good luck:

1) We prepare two pieces of fur fabric, and the same from the lining material. As a result, four pieces of fur fabric and the same amount of lining should be ready for two paws. When cutting, leave a centimeter for seams.

Sock cat

For lovers of cutting and sewing, such a voluminous cat craft will be a particularly enjoyable experience. It's quite simple to do, but you need to be very careful.

For kindergarteners, it may be a little difficult to implement on their own, but younger schoolchildren can try their hand at sewing a new soft toy for themselves!

For this craft you will need:

  • A pair of clean terry socks (to make the kitten soft and fluffy),
  • Scissors,
  • Cotton wool or synthetic winterizer,
  • Needle and thread to match the socks,
  • Stationery eyes (you can use buttons).


  1. Terry socks should be placed in front of you with your heels up and your toes facing away from you. One heel will serve as the kitten's muzzle, and the second will serve as its back.
  2. We take one of the socks, cut off the sock into a crescent - later we will sew a tail from it. Cut the remaining sock vertically, thus making a body with legs out of it. Please note that the front legs should be slightly shorter than the hind legs.
  3. From the second sock we will make a head and a hat for the cat (the latter is optional). Carefully cut off the toe in the shape of a triangle, and on the opposite side just slightly cut off what is unnecessary. Thus, it turns out that our head comes from the middle of the sock, with triangular ears.
  4. We sew the legs on the wrong side so that the seams remain inside. We leave holes on the hind and front legs; we will need them to stuff the body with cotton wool or a special filler. We sew the ears on the head in the same way, making sure that the seams are inside, after which we turn the head and body inside out and stuff them with padding polyester or cotton wool.
  5. We sew up the muzzle completely, it should turn out round. Using the same principle, we “close” the holes in the paws, making sure that the kitten turns out plump and round. We sew the tail blank, after which we sew it and the head to the body. Please note that the kitten's front legs are shorter than the back legs! Don't get confused.
  6. The cat's face can be decorated by gluing eyes or sewing them with buttons. The nose can also be made from a button or bead, and the mustache can be made from thicker threads.

These cat crafts can be made from different materials - they are simple, but at the same time very beautiful, and even a child can easily make them.

Photo crafts cat

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