How to make a board for notes with tape: 2 master classes

Modern man is constantly immersed in things that are sometimes difficult to remember. In addition to diaries and reminders in your phone, a board is great for posting a list of goals for the day, month, and near future. The advantage of such a product is that it can be made original, harmoniously fitting into the overall interior of the apartment. The board for notes can be wall or floor, you can write on the surface with chalk or stick stickers to it - all this is at the discretion of the owner of the house.

Chalk board for notes

Minimalist style note board

Foam board for notes

What types of note boards can there be?

Products vary depending on the material used and decorative elements. You can buy them in the store, or you can make them yourself, decorating the board to your taste. As a rule, they are located in an office, nursery or teenager’s room above the desk, less often in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. When choosing or making a product, you need to think through the design in advance so that the board fits into the interior of the room.

Note board with shelf

Note board above the table

Retro style note board

Cork board

The most budget option is a brown rectangular canvas. This board is made from the bark of the cork oak tree. It can be of different sizes and shapes, but most often it is rectangular. You can easily attach various notes, pieces of paper, photographs, drawings to the panel using buttons. It can serve as both a place for a collage and a dynamic organizer. Advantages of the material:

  • moisture resistant,
  • elastic;
  • not susceptible to mold and insects;
  • after a puncture, it quickly restores its original appearance;
  • does not change due to temperature changes;
  • serves for a long time.

Gold note board

A child can hang memorable photos on such a board.

Black and white board for notes

Fabric note board

Slate note board

Note board with hooks

All this allows you to hang cork in the kitchen to pin recipes or cooking notes on it. An alternative to a store-bought product will be a homemade product, made taking into account tastes and preferences. A DIY cork board is made from:

  • cork oak sheet of the required size;
  • hardboard sheets of the same size as an oak sheet;
  • framework;
  • materials for decoration.

Textile note board

Cork note board

Rectangular note board

You will also need wood glue. First, the hardboard sheet needs to be glued to the back of the cork. After this, the board is placed in a frame, and the product is checked for reliability. If all is well, the board can be decorated in an original way to your taste.

For example, it can be covered with fabric, and a composition can be beautifully placed on the surface.

Unusual note board

Cork note board


This method suggests combining a frame made of cardboard and a photo frame made with your own hands from paper. You should use cardboard as a base, and paper only as decoration. You can cut out various patterns from it and stick it on top.

If you choose dark cardboard, white paper will look great against its background.

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Magnetic board

It differs from the previous type in that you cannot pin notes or pieces of paper on it. This has a plus: the needles will not be lost, but there is also a minus - the board itself, like the magnets, will be more expensive (when compared with similar-sized products made from cork). Usually it is hung on the wall in the room, a calendar with a daily to-do list, tables and other important things are placed on it.

Textile note board

Note board in Provence style

Note board in Provence style

This alternative to a wooden product will fit into a minimalist interior design.

Board for notes in the interior of the apartment

Burlap note board

Consolidate the result

  1. Pull the fabric taut and start pinning it in the middle along the long side of the board. Start at one end and gradually move towards the other. As you work, check from time to time to make sure the fabric has not moved. Repeat on the other side and then move to the short 60cm edge.

  2. To get a flat surface, act as if you were wrapping a Christmas present - simply fold the fabric into a triangle and pin it in place, then use a stapler. Make sure there is not too much fabric, otherwise the board will hang unevenly on the wall.

After that, I measured and marked 2.5 cm from each corner so that I knew where to put the screws when I hung the board on the wall. I used self-tapping screws with flat washers. The board is light enough that you won't need anything larger to hold it against the wall. But be careful not to drive the screws too far into the foam. Flat washers will help limit movement in soft materials.

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This is a black canvas on which you can draw and write with crayons. If you frame it in a delicate shade (you can paste it with old wallpaper) and make decorations in the form of small flowers, such a board will fit into the Provence style. But a “bare” black board or framed with wood will fit perfectly into a loft. This option is often used by modern establishments decorated in an industrial style.

Black board for notes

Board covering the entire wall in a loft interior. Drawing on such canvases is done using chalk or chalk markers.

Note board made from old wine corks

Fabric board

To make a fabric stand at home, just cover it with a sheet of plywood or the same balsa wood (gluing hardboard to the back). You can use polystyrene foam for this purpose, but it crumbles a lot and will quickly become unusable. Fabric boards can look like a real work of art: they are decorated with ribbons, rhinestones, beads, decorated with seashells and even soft toys.

Wooden note board

Any board must have a strong fastening so that it does not fall off the wall

Note board with decor

Marker board for notes


The carousel is a structure made from natural materials. These are sticks, branches and thin ropes. It is necessary to create a structure similar to a children's carousel in a stroller.

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Just instead of toys on pendants, place photo frames made with your own hands from scrap materials. To make one, just tie a few thin branches around the edges; it will be very attractive and atmospheric.

The photographs inside are also placed on ropes. In the photographs, on the sides, you must first make holes for the rope. A “carousel” suspended in this state will be able to please the home’s inhabitants for a long time.

How to make a note board with your own hands

In addition to cork, there are also products that can be made at home. For example, if you want to hang a chalkboard in your hallway to write reminders on, you can easily make one from inexpensive materials.

Board for notes in the living room interior

Note board made from an old sieve

Framed note board

Manufacturing process

  1. Select the size of your bulletin board. I chose 90*120 because I needed a larger surface area. Take cardboard and cut two identical pieces out of it. Starting with the shorter sides, cut the tape and begin joining them together, pulling the tape tight. Pay special attention to the corners.
  2. Choose your fabric. Make sure you like the shade and pattern and fit into the interior. The cut should be approximately 3 cm longer on all sides than the size of the boards.
  3. Place the cardboard on the board and secure the fabric by pulling it tightly over the edges. It's best to start from the corners.

I am sure that from all these ideas you will be able to choose a project that suits your liking.

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Marker board

Since the marker can be easily erased from a smooth surface, a glass coating is best for making. For example, an A3 photo frame. If you plan to decorate it to your own taste, choose a product framed in a neutral color. To make a writing board, you need to take out the glass and paint it on the inside with white or another light-colored paint (so that the dark marker inscriptions can be seen). After the composition has dried, the frame can be put back together. If you don’t want to fuss too much with paint, you can simply insert a white sheet of paper instead of a layer. The finished board can be placed in the hallway above the pouf to leave reminders about evening activities or simply write nice words to loved ones. You can take a small photo frame and make a mini tabletop board out of it.

It is advisable that there is always a marker near the finished product, for example: you can screw a stand for a glass in which stationery will stand to a large board.

Note board in the hallway

This option is suitable for those who do not like sticking pieces of paper and fiddling with them.

Note board in the kitchen

Required tools and materials

If you're not a designer or decorator, then you can still use this board for bulletin boards or to pin your photos, daily reminders, and inspirational messages.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Glue gun and sticks for it.
  • Construction stapler. MDF board 60*120 cm.
  • Cork covering 60*60 cm.
  • Fabric 140

Organizer board

This is an option for business people who like to organize their space. This distribution of documents, papers and office supplies is convenient because the table can always remain clean. An organizing board usually has a surface for writing and compartments for necessary things. It may be a single piece or consist of several parts.

Workspace organization option

Magnetic note board

Wicker note board

Round note board

Generator testing stand

A stand designed for troubleshooting generators. To assemble such a stand you will need to connect in the given order:

  1. Voltmeter
  2. Switch off
  3. Ammeter
  4. Battery
  5. Rheostat
  6. Generator

Principle of operation

The electric motor is connected, the voltage is adjusted to 14V (at the generator output). The rotor operates at a frequency of up to 5000 rpm. The generator runs for 2 minutes, after which the current output is measured. The generator requires repair if its recoil force is less than 44A.

This stand is more suitable for training, as it has errors in operation. Modern professional options do this job much better.

Cork board

An interesting homemade option for creative people. All you need to make is a base, glue and a lot of wine corks. They can be arranged in different ways: horizontally, vertically, in squares and circles. On such a board it is convenient to attach photographs and notes on push pins.

Vertical arrangement of plugs

If you glue materials in this way, you will get a surface with circles

Blue note board

Board made of mesh or fabric

To make a fabric product you will need a base, fabric and tools to secure it. This board differs from the French one in that you do not have to drill holes and cover the fabric with tapes.

To make a place for notes from a grid, just take a metal sheet of any size. Papers and photos are attached to it with stationery clips or magnets.

The grid is the basis for the “moodboard”

Note board gray

Soft board for notes

Manufacturing instructions

  1. First you need to attach the cork to the MDF sheet. Use a glue gun to apply the material. Make sure all edges are well sealed before placing the panel on top. Use clamps or a heavy object to secure the material. If you don't have a glue gun, you can use spray glue or any other glue you have on hand. Just make sure the wood and cork are secured together tightly enough before wrapping your board in fabric.
  2. Once the panels are glued together, set them aside and take the fabric. It is best to use muslin or any other fairly dense and heavy material that you can find for the board. Remember that needles will be constantly stuck into it, so it must be durable.
  3. Lay the fabric down and smooth it out. After this, place the board on top so that the part with MDF faces up.

I used the Arrow Fastener Cordless Stapler. Of course, you can use a manual stapler, but an automatic one is much more convenient. Make sure you don't use staples that are too long so they won't go through the material. 0.6 cm paper clips are ideal.

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Board with clothespins

It may not be in the form of a canvas, but look like a horizontal strip of plastic, metal or even bamboo sticks (for eco-friendly interiors). Clothespins are glued to it at the top and bottom so that the clamping mechanism is not disturbed. This is a convenient, compact and minimalist option.

Board option with clothespins

Metal note board

Pink note board

Master class “Desktop note holder”

Marina Topychkanova
Master class “Desktop note holder”

New Year 2015 is coming soon (Aries)

On the eve of the holiday, exciting troubles
begin I want to offer an idea for making a gift with your own hands. I think it’s practical, useful and pleasant to give your creativity. Let's make a small, kind, soft talisman for next year.

Material we need:

- beads for eyes, bell, ribbon, bow.

1. Draw the body (2 parts)

and the head
(1 part)
of our lamb.

2. Take cotton swabs and cut off the cotton base from the stick.

3. Next we glue them along the contour of the body (2 parts)

and heads.

4. When the parts are pasted over, we glue the head to the body, using beads and black threads, cotton wool, for making ears - we add the features of our lamb.

5. Then glue the legs (clothespins)

our crafts.

6. And now all the parts are glued, the work is dry, you can decorate it - glue a bow and hang a bell.

This is the kind of note holder I made .

I wish you creative success!

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Board with screed

This product is easy to make from a cutting board with ties. It will fit into a loft or eco interior. A slate cloth is usually glued to the board so that wooden strips remain along the perimeter, and a chalk stand is mounted underneath.

Note board made from frames

Note board with clothespins

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