How to sew a funny wolf costume with your own hands for a boy - master class with photos

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A carnival wolf costume for a boy is very popular at matinees. This character is the hero of most fairy tales. The image of a wolf is familiar to everyone from childhood: it has fangs, a long gray tail and scary paws. It’s easy to embody all the nuances in a children’s costume.

The master class is designed for beginner craftswomen who find it difficult to master patterns. To sew a New Year's "Wolf" costume for a boy with your own hands, they are simply not needed!

What to make a wolf costume from

Does your child really want his costume to be colorful? How to do this if the selected character is neutral in color? Here it is important to focus on the details of the costume and choose a material that is suitable for its texture.

To make your own carnival wolf costume for a boy, you will need a children's sweatshirt and gray pants. The easiest way to work is with knitted fabric. For beginning craftswomen, this is a win-win option. A suit made of velvet or corduroy would also look good. This fabric is well decorated with fur, which looks elegant and beautiful.

In addition, to decorate the costume you will need felt in three colors: gray, dark gray and white, as well as fur for the tail and paws.

Step-by-step instructions for sewing a wolf costume for a boy with your own hands

What is the best fabric to choose?

It is easiest to work with knitwear. Of course, in order to lay machine seams along it, you will need a special needle, but in terms of processing the edges of the product, such material practically does not cause problems. Firstly, it does not crumble, which allows you to avoid processing cuts, and secondly, a small error in patterns is compensated by the ability of the material to stretch.

The winning option is velor or velvet, which shimmers beautifully due to its fine shiny pile. This fabric will look gorgeous in combination with fur. By the way, the latter must have a long pile, because this is the tail that will be the most realistic. In addition to the tail, fur will be needed to create the wolf’s muzzle and to create beautiful paws.

How to make a wolf mask for a costume

An indispensable attribute of a children's costume is a wolf mask, by which the hero must be recognized. You can make it from leftover felt and fur.

To make a mask you will need the following material:

  • remnants of felt in gray, dark gray, white and black;
  • remains of white fur;
  • elastic band for fastening;
  • matching threads;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • mask template made of thick cardboard.

Before you start making a mask, you need to make a template for your child. It is best to use the given pattern, which is transferred to thick cardboard.


A separate pattern is included for the tail. Using it, we cut out a piece of fur, sew it on the outside and turn it inside out. The product will be attached to a belt. If you already have a baby model, you can figure out how to place the tail on it. If not, don’t worry, now you will learn how to make a strap with your own hands.

From artificial leather, it is necessary to cut a blank one and a half times the circumference of the child’s waist and 8 centimeters wide. Fold in half, halving the width, and sew the edges together. Fasten the buckle on one edge, and make a hole on the other in the right place. The tail must be sewn in the middle of the segment between the buckle and the hole.

Outfit for a bird girl

The bird's outfit consists of only two parts: a mask and wings. Start your DIY bird costume for a girl by making the wings. To do this you will need:

  • fabric for the base, natural and soft, as it will touch the baby’s body;
  • ribbon or braid for ties, matching the color of the suit;
  • bright trimmings and flaps for feathers;
  • threads

To pattern the base of the wings you will need a semicircle, which you will divide in half and you will get two wings. The height of the wings is approximately 40 cm - this is the radius of the circle for the pattern. The width should be equal to the distance from the middle of the back to the hand. Trim off any excess and sew around all edges .

Where could it be even easier?

If your imagination works well, then you can make a carnival wolf costume for your child’s matinee quickly and at minimal cost.

There is an easy way to make a costume that not only a child, but also an adult can wear. For this you will need a gray tracksuit: pants and a kangaroo or a windbreaker with a hood. Attach the wolf's tail to the pants, and the ears and muzzle to the hood. That's all. It's so easy to make a wolf costume.

Another option. Sew wide pants and a shirt from lining fabric. Sew a large fur patch in the chest area. Use fur to trim the bottom of the pants and the sleeves of the shirt. Attach the tail to the back of your pants. Cut out a wolf mask from thick paper or cardboard, make slits for the eyes, glue a hat elastic and decorate the mask. This version of the costume is also not difficult to make.

We complement the image with accessories

Accessories for your Halloween costume will help you create a frightening image; you can buy them in a specialized store. These could be false fangs and claws, a werewolf mask and red lenses. It's up to you to decide how terrible you want to look on this day.

Little dinosaur

A dinosaur costume is easy to make. You will need green fabric. Take your baby's sweatshirt and pants, lay them out on the fabric, carefully trace and cut out, leaving one and a half centimeters for the seam. Sew it on a machine and you get a green jumpsuit.

Now start decorating the costume. Cut irregularly shaped circles from yellow fabric and sew along the back. From the hood to the very bottom, sew yellow triangles or spikes. Make a yellow bib on your chest or a belly patch. You will get a cute dinosaur.

If you can’t make a whole costume, you can sew your child a hat with spikes and a tail (a long cone filled with filling, with the same spikes sewn on top as on the hat).

Little princess Snow White

In order for your child to be a real prince or princess at the matinee, you need to know what fairy tales your child loves. If your daughter likes fairy tales about princesses, then why not make her a fairy-tale hero costume with your own hands? For example, Snow White's outfit. The main condition for children's decoration for a matinee is that it must be truly magical: shimmer, bewitch, and attract glances.

Therefore, if you are going to the store to buy fabric, then choose gold, silver, yellow, blue, red fabric and Christmas tree tinsel to decorate the dress in the same colors. You can ask the nearest studio for scraps and leftover fabrics, then the suit will be very cheap.

To sew a corset you will need:

  • blue velvet or velor;
  • on the sleeves - blue chiffon;
  • for the skirt - yellow satin;
  • for the petticoat - tulle;
  • for finishing the sleeves and cape - red satin;
  • lace and white chintz on the collar;
  • buttons, buttons, zippers and threads.

Sew the skirt in the “Tatyanka” style or half-sun, trim with lace at the bottom. Choose the length of the skirt together with your baby. If she is still small and clumsy, then a long floor-length skirt will be uncomfortable for her. You can make a tutu skirt for Snow White from yellow tulle. Tie the cut strips to an elastic band around the child’s waist.

For the corset, make a pattern from your baby's sleeveless T-shirt and add an inch and a half for the seams. Make the length of the top of the suit up to the waist. To avoid stitching in the zipper, choose stretch fabric for the top. Machine sew all seams, leaving armholes for the sleeves.

Snow White has lantern sleeves; to do this, sew wide cylinders from blue chiffon, pulling in an elastic band on one side and sewing it to the armhole on the other side, attaching a lantern. Now you can connect the top to the skirt.

The collar on Snow White's dress should be in place. For this you will need thick cardboard. Draw a shoulder-to-shoulder rectangle around the baby's neck. Round the top corners with scissors. Cover the finished collar with white satin and trim the edges with lace. Sew the collar to the neck of the dress.

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Where to get the pattern

How to make a wolf costume and where to get a pattern - this is the main question that arises just when you decide to sew an outfit with your own hands. It is clear that not everyone has the skill of cutting and sewing and not everyone is able to develop a drawing and template for sewing clothes based on the measurements taken. But the lack of such skills cannot be an obstacle.

Minimum plan

When you don’t have enough time to make a costume, do everything to the minimum. The quickest way to sew a vest and shorts.

Before sewing, you can take measurements using a measuring tape from your baby, or use a simpler method. Make patterns based on the clothes that currently fit your child. If it's cold in your shorts, swap them for breeches or trousers. Or even make a jumpsuit.

If you don’t have gray clothes, but have gray aerosol paint or fabric paint, then just paint the clothes that you have, just don’t forget to test them on the balcony. Two days will be enough for this.


To make this costume you will not need to buy a large amount of materials. You will most likely find most of it at home: an old baseball cap and sock, scraps of fabric and foam rubber, unnecessary gloves.

Finished fur hat in gray or brown color1 PC.From 500 rub.
Artificial fur150 * 50 cmFrom 600 rub.
Ready-made knitted cuffs2 pcs.From 200 rub.
Foam rubber of different thicknessesTrimmings
A small piece of knitwear for the muzzle30*20cm
Bicycle or any other gloves1 pair
Black sock1 PC.
Thin foam sealTrim
Total: 1300 rub.

We complete the image of a werewolf - apply makeup

Makeup and make-up are an important part of the image. We outline the area around the eyes with a black pencil, extending the line from the outer edge of the eye. We imitate wolf eyes. We draw frightening makeup for the werewolf costume. To do this, take black and brown cosmetic pencils, preferably waterproof. Before applying makeup on the night of October 31, I advise you to practice.

Next, draw fierce eyebrows shifted towards the bridge of the nose and raised at the outer edges. It should look like this.

Draw a vertical black line above the upper lip, this will simulate a cleft palate. Then you need to paint your lips with a black pencil. The final stage will be drawing small lines covering the entire face, with the exception of the area around the eyes. It is necessary to maintain an alternation of black and brown lines for the most natural effect of a hairy face.

Then we draw a wolf nose with a black pencil and do not forget to draw wrinkles on the bridge of the nose.

Your DIY werewolf costume for Halloween is ready! I hope you found these simple instructions helpful and will be the best monster you can be this night.

Create a wolf outfit in 15 minutes

There are those days when you confuse dates and time - sometimes it flies a day, or even a year ahead, and sometimes it suddenly seems that you have at least 3 more days left! And then, bam, the required date is tomorrow , and today it’s already 22.00, shops and all other places where one could get this most necessary thing are closed.

This happened to me too, but the situation was complicated by the fact that on the eve of this very day my elders had a birthday and, accordingly, at 22.00 we were still sorting out the gifts, and in general the fun was in full swing.

Don’t think that I’m an irresponsible mommy - I’m already thinking about the costume of Winter, who will play at the matinee, but then it got stuck. and meanwhile, by 9-00 I needed a Wolf costume, of course, not the Wolf itself, but the main attributes indicating that my child is the Wolf.

On the eve of New Year's matinees, this sketch for the master class may come in handy. I immediately apologize for the photo, I didn’t have much time, I didn’t start photographing the process right away, but I liked the idea and wanted to share it!

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